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Rockman. T-minus 2 Weeks

Do these screen captures look familiar??



They’re from the trailer of the new Mission Impossible movie. If you look careful in the bottom one, you’ll see Tom Cruise climbing up Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). This is part of our race course at Rockman coming up in two weeks.

I just finished my morning workout, climbing and running at my own little mini version of Preikestolen.


Special shout out to the folks I met doing stair repeats, this morning, getting ready for their Spartan race. Good luck in your race, ladies!

Check back here over the next week or so when I’ll give you full detail on how you can follow our progress during the race (if you’re into that sort of thing). Of course, I’ll be posting a plethora of travel pics along the way. :)

XTERRA Lifestyle

Love my XTERRA Tribe. Thanks for the reminder during a difficult training block.

Whether you do it for your health, for the fun of it, to be with friends who share the same passion, to keep young, or for whatever reason, just keep swimming, riding and running. If you haven’t experienced the Tribe, come give XTERRA a try.

Am I Lost?

Had a ball-o-fun talking with Chris and Derek on the Lost in Transition podcast about XTERRA, SwimRun and donuts.  Check it out!!


If nothing else, it’ll keep you mildly entertained on your next long drive.


Double Duty – Technical Trail Running

My mom and dad used to call me “Squirrel”. I used some of my squirrel skills during this epic training weekend. See if you can spot them. #teamorca #guforit #saltyssquad #orangemud

Motivation Reset – Old House

Recently miss a goal you wanted to achieve? How do you deal with it? Hear how I dealt with missing my goal at XTERRA Oak Mountain. Sometimes you just have to step back, clear your mind, reset… then get back to work.

What SwimRun Gear Do I Need? PART DEUX

Well, this took a lot longer to get out that I wanted.  I had most of it recorded, except for a camera whose batteries died in the middle of the shoot.  I re-shot what was needed, but then THAT camera was stolen.  Arrrgh!

Anyhow, I pieced together clips from the first take and re-shot some last night to complete the video that lots of folks are asking me to publish.  Soooooo here it is.  Hopefully it doesn’t seem too janky since it’s bits and pieces.  Would love your feedback!!

50 in 48

Dan came up with this wild idea of how to get in a bunch of mileage in one weekend.  I was suckered into it…  50 miles in 48 hours…