Flying into Fall

And now something not swimrun related… DRONES. I’ve been dabbling in flying a drone now since July when I picked up a DJI Air2S. It’s been a great little drone and it’s traveled with me for a while, even to Sweden and Norway. I didn’t get near as much footage as I wanted to in Norway, but it was still a lot of fun to get it out when I could.

But I’ve been eyeballing the First Person View (FPV) drone videos for a while now and have really been itching to give it a try. I even played around the FPV mode on the Air2S, but without goggles, it really isn’t quite the same.

Soooooo, I picked up the DJI Avata. It’s been a nightmare to find it in stock and even when I ordered it from DJI, it just sat, waiting to be shipped, FOREVER. After contacting DJI, they mentioned that something else in the order was backordered. OMG.. Just split ship it!. Long story short, I’ve gotten my hands on it, minus any extra batteries (a whole other debacle that should be explained in another post).

I’ve tooled around with it in my tiny backyard, just to get used to the goggles and this funky single-handed “motion controller”. Seems the regular FPV (dual joystick) controller has been on backorder for weeks and there’s nothing in sight of it being available. I am certainly going to get it, but it may be a while, so might as well get used to this motion controller.

I took it out for a real, not-in-my-tiny-backyard flight yesterday to a pretty location with trees and a creek to explore. I am still very new to this, don’t have any of the stabilization stuff nailed down yet, but decided to put together a little video anyhow. Check out my newbie flight.