Swimrun Shoes – Quick Tips

My latest episode of Quick Tips for Swimrun, again, took a turn for not being “quick” since it is a review of five pairs of shoes I used over the swimrun season this year. In seasons prior, I was a HUGE fan of the Salomon SLAB Amphibs. I thought they were the absolutely perfect swimrun shoe.

As always, when a shoe company makes a perfect shoe for me, they either change it or stop making it. In this case, it was the latter. For some reason, Salomon decided to nix the Amphib shoes, leaving me on a hunt for a good replacement.

In my search, I tried all sorts of shoes. What I found was good trail running shoes that weren’t so good for swimrun, shoes that were good for swimming, but not for trail running and some that were complete junk. Here are five of the shoes I tried. To explain, a video is necessary:

Here’s a cross shoe comparison:

CompanySalomonNikeVJ ShoesAdidasAdidas
ModelSense Ride 4Terra KigerMAXxTerrex ProTerrex Ultra
Weight (g)290280286190210 (240)
Drop (mm)86648
Stack (rear)3230292332
Stack (front)2424231924
My Ratings:
Trail Running