I’m in Trouble – Löw Tide Böyz Podcast 69

Joined the Low Tide Boyz again, this time for a little story telling of how Swimrun Lake James went down for me and Lee Greene, the Swaggy Zaddys.  Find out how I got into trouble and all the other shenanigans. It’s a long one #twss.  ⁣

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Swimrun Lake James 2021 Race Recap w/Special Guests The Swaggy Zaddys Low Tide Boyz, a Swimrun Podcast

Welcome to episode sixty-nine of the Low Tide Boyz – A Swimrun Podcast!We got something new for everyone. On this episode, we welcome Marcus Barton and Lee Greene of Team Swaggy Zaddys for a special guest race report from Swimrun Lake James. It was  almost too much fun to chat with Marcus and Lee but somehow we managed to get through it and share a cool race report from a couple of great ambassadors for the sport. But first…Swimrun Lake James Is In The Books!Swimrun season is here with Swimrun Lake James taking place over the weekend. We were definitely experiencing major FOMO and will definitely be at the starting line next year. It was really cool (and still unbelievable) to see so many people rocking Low Tide Boyz gear in photos that we saw at the pre-race packet pickup and race briefing. We loved getting all the messages and tags from folks all weekend as well. Special shoutout to Nancy Morris (Go Team Morris!) for her really nice email to us after finishing her first Swimrun with her daughter Lydia as her teammate. ÖTILLÖ Merit Race/Long Course Podiums:Women's:1st: Behme Me Up, Wheatley (Amy Wheatley and Carrie Behme)2nd: Phylis Hold my Shower Beer (Bridget Phillips and Jennifer Devers)3rd: Team Adorkable (Trista Mennen and Amy Bush)Mixed:1st: Boston Wet Sox (Brownen Price-Dierksen and Greg Dierksen)2nd: Radkat (Juli and Matthew Davenport)3rd: Hot Mess Express (Sarah Breaux and Johnathan Lejeune)Mens:1st: Keith and The Unicorn (Kanoa King and Keith Lundquist)2nd: The Mighty Boosh (Jack McAfee and Greg Harper)3rd: Kraken/Race Like a Viking (Lars Finanger and John Stevens)We asked on IG for some mini-race reports and as usual our fans didn’t disappoint. Here are the greatest hits:@Samanthafallon_: Wet and Wild!@b.pugh941: Great race, great people (Kristen, Tony, etc.), great course. LTB 2022!@d_sapp17: I’m apparently a grown up and wasn’t able to swing it with work…@amybush: (she had several submissions) 1. Hilda, don’t chew your feet. 2. My parts don’t work anymore. 3. Why does the water feel warmer than the air? (Turns out it was) 4. Why is this 7 mile run 29 miles?!@this_is_trista: The Low Tide Boyz were missed, and missed out@onewarriorprincess: Absolutely perfect course and venue! Top notch event! Definitely racing again next yr!@gdierksen: Fun trails; great swims; lots of transitions; fast race. And good beer to finish it out.@bernard.waugh: Who would have thought the cold temperatures and pouring rain would be perfect?@sarahdvick: They seem to need bigger podiums@blakenuttall: transition transition transition transition transition transition transition transition transition@brookesfallon: Not for wimps!Guest Race Report Time!It was really great to have Marcus and Lee on to break down every aspect of their race last weekend at Swimrun Lake James. We chatted about how they met, what their training looked like, what gear they decided to go with, and of course, how their race went. The conversation was really funny at times and super serious at others. In short, listeners will get a great feel for the race and understand why Swimrun Lake James is on our bucket list.You can follow Marcus and Lee’s adventures on Instagram and on Speedylizard.com.That’s it for this week’s show. If you are enjoying the Löw Tide Böyz, please be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player and leave us a five-star review. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast. You can also follow our meme page on Instagram. Email us at lowtideboyz@gmail.com with any feedback and/or suggestions. Finally, you can support us on Patreon…if you feel so inclined.
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