Running Above The Clouds

As I gear up for the upcoming ÖtillÖ Catalina swimrun race, I decided to head up to the mountains for some good, old-fashioned climbing.

I had a 25ish mile loop planned, with a little over 6000 feet of climbing. Caleb and I had ran it before and I recalled how much fun and how grueling it was. No one likes finishing the last 5 miles of a run like that with over 1000 feet of climbing, but it’s good for training, so I set out for another round of it.

About 10 miles in, you have to cross the Linville River and then cross it again around mile 20.  During this run, however, the water was rough, high in volume, and quite swift. Nothing like taking a few chances of falling in and getting tossed into rocks and rapids. Check out the video below to see how that panned out (and to see some awesome views).