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What SwimRun Gear Do I Need?

So you’ve been eyeballing swimrun.  You know you want to get into this crazy sport, but you have no idea what gear to get or why.  Heck, you may have even signed up fgor a race and NOW you’re trying to figure it out.  In this two-part video, I’ll go over swimrun gear beginning with wetsuits.  Yes, there IS a difference, so check out the video to find out.

So Why You Ask??

So why you ask? Cause this is why…  #xterra #triathlon #weareswimrun #whowantstobeavideostar

Music by Bombs Away

Transition Clinic and XTERRA Whitewater Course Preview

Why would you spend weeks and months to knock a minute off of your run time or to get a little faster on the bike but waste minutes in transition? It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been lucky. Lucky to have been coached, buddies and the honor to spend time with some pro triathletes and some REALLY fast amateurs. They’ve taken the time to toss some tips and tricks my way. With some practice, I’ve managed to get some decent transition times. You have the opportunity for me to pass those along to you and it won’t cost you a dime. Ok. Well, you’ll have to pay for parking, but my time is free. Want more info?  Continue reading

New to the Family: Inov-8

As you know, all of my sponsorships have been for products that I love and trust FIRST before I sought sponsorship.  I don’t believe in blindly towing a sponsors line simply because they chose to sponsor me.  I’m not a pro, nor do I profess to be the fastest guy out there and, yes, I am afraid of other fast boys in North Carolina and elsewhere (some of you will get that pun). But, I do profess to be someone who has a love of training and even more of a love for racing.  So, during my efforts of training and racing, along with sharing my experiences and lessons I’ve learned with you, I seek out sponsors who believe in my abilities as an athlete and ambassador.

I’ve raced for quite a few years now and I’ve tried all sorts of shoes.  For the past couple of years, I’ve raced with products from Inov-8 after I got a taste of their shoes.  When Dan and I began considering racing ÖtillÖ as a team, we both agreed very quickly that we’d be racing in Inov-8 shoes.  With any sort of planning of such a daunting race, everything must be well thought out and tested.  We’re still trying out several different pair and haven’t settled on which ones will be our secret weapons, but you can pretty much bet on them coming in a box that looks like one of these:


Well, I’m happy to announce that Dan and I sought sponsorship with Inov-8 and we were honored when they said yes!  We promptly received the goodies above and we’re already breaking them in.  Expect some highlights and write-ups on some great gear in the very near future.  Every piece of gear they send me, I will be putting though the paces and will share detailed info about each of them with you.  Stay tuned!

10 Weight Loss Tips in 10 Days

Last night, after reading a post from a friend of mine, and fellow health nut, Christa Mills, I came up with an idea about my next couple of blog posts.  She’s transformed herself from a generally unfit person into a fit one.  She overcame obstacles and got it done.


I was in the same predicament.  I was fat, overweight and my health was horrible.  Her posting about New Years, getting into shape and trying to help folks reminded me of when I first started this blog back in 2005.

Before I was into racing, I was into fitness and getting in shape.  I lost a lot of weight (40 pounds in less than 6 months), got into shape and had Continue reading

Lots of Racing and Riding

So many updates, where do I start?

XTERRA Whitewater Clinic and Preride

First and foremost, we had a beautiful day for the XTERRA Whitewater Transition Clinic and Preride.  We had 10 athletes show up of varying levels of skill from all over.  “Representatives” from Charlotte, Greensboro and Myrtle Beach were present and accounted for to name a few.

We started a little late due some “cross pollination” of clinics.  Most of our attendees were intermingled with the Dirt Divas Skills Clinic by mistake.  I just happened to stop by and say high and we discovered the mixup.  After a quick roundup, we got started with the transition clinic. 


We hit the trails to ride the 14 mile mountain bike course that would make up the bike leg of the race.  Whitewater Center Trail Guru, Lee Flythe and crew have been real busy out there building new trails and extending existing ones.  With a new mix of hand cut and machine cut trails recently added, the ride was fun and challenging.  If you missed out, I hope to see you all at the next clinic scheduled for June 22nd (you can RSVP here).  Thanks goes out to USNWC Events Manager and XTERRA Whitewater Race Director Adam Bratton.

I followed up the clinic and pre-ride with a tough EPC Multisport brick workout that damn near kicked my butt.  I barely had enough energy to cut the grass when I got home, but I managed to get it done.  Exhausting but fun, fun day.

XTERRA Knoxville

On the racing front, the inaugural XTERRA Knoxville was held on Saturday with what was reported as some of the best single track out there.  “One of the toughest mountain bike courses I’ve ridden; fun dry but quite treacherous wet.” said Charlie Epperson, XTERRA Pro that came in second overall just behind fellow XTERRA Pro Takahiro Ogasawara (Oga) from Japan.  He continued, “I came into T-2 maybe 4 or 5 minutes down from Oga and a minute back from Josh. I felt great running and was able to make up some ground on Oga but not enough. I’m happy anytime I’m within a few minutes.”  Josh Schaffer came in third overall and was the top amateur at the race.  He also doubled as XTERRA security since he camped at the venue.

On the ladies front, XTERRA Pro, Mieko Carey was second overall out of the water and rode with Charlie for a good portion of the bike leg.  She won the female division with Andrea Ludwig and Lucia Colbert coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Full Results

As with any first-year event, however, it wasn’t without its share of snafus.  Apparently, the trails lacked enough markings to keep everyone on track and racers got off course.  First-year XTERRA racer, Jheremy Zetans came to the rescue.  He saw what was happening and decided to terminate his own race to give a lending hand by directing racers back on course.  Talk about XTERRA spirit!

Charlie went on to provide a small tidbit of advice, “I know a couple of riders and runners got lost today. Always a disheartening experience. I’ve been there. My advice is to take the extra day to arrive early to ride and run and be able to race without that element of uncertainty.”

Oga, Mieko and Charlie

XTERRA East Championships (aka XTERRA RVA)

Speaking of XTERRA Pros Charlie, Oga and Mieko, they will be teaming up in the first ever XTERRA Pro pre-race shoot-out in Richmond.  The pros will be split up into 3-person relay teams on a very short course highlighting aspects of this weekend’s XTERRA East Championship course (Jun 15).  It’ll be fast and furious action with the winners expected to knock it out in 15 minutes.  The teams that have been made up are very interesting to say the least.  You can check out who’s on what teams at the Pro Relay Team Shoot-out webpage.


Even better, not only can you witness this in person, but the title sponsor, Luck Stone, will be broadcasting the event live so you can view online, complete with video and GPS tracking via their website at www.luckstone.com.  If you can break away from what you’re doing, THIS Thursday, at noon (Eastern time), you should definitely check this out.  I plan on being there in person (hopefully), so keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook feed and I’ll try to give ya another avenue to keep up on the action (and some cool pics).


Be a Warrior!




XTERRA Whitewater Course Preview & Transition Clinic

Here’s two different opportunities (see dates and times below) for you to checkout the XTERRA Whitewater Triathlon course along with a transition clinic.

We’ll start each clinic at the XTERRA Whitewater transition area (see website for course map and transition location) with a quick discussion about the upcoming race and transition strategies. Then, we’ll pre-ride the XTERRA Whitewater bike course, pausing along the way to discuss and practice some of the more advanced obstacles/sections. For those wanting the full experience, we’ll also pre-run the XTERRA Whitewater run course.

Topics covered:
-Why transitions are important and strategies to reduce transition times
-What you need in transition and what you don’t
-How transitions differ from road and off-road triathlons
-2 part swim unique to XTERRA Whitewater
-Course preview: pre-ride and pre-run

There is a $5 (per car) parking fee paid to the Whitewater Center at the gate. Outside of that, this opportunity is FREE, but PLEASE RSVP.

Be sure to bring additional cash however, as there is an AWESOME restaurant onsite as well as draft beer. ;-)

Two opportunities:
#1 – Saturday, June 7th, 2014 – 9:00 a.m.
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/637457633010884

#2 – Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 – 9:00 a.m.
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/760464070640429

If you want more information about the race or the clinic/preview, check out the website at http://usnwc.org/xterra-whitewater-triathlon-2/