Grand Further on Grandfather

The Grand Further Mountain Run 25K has been on my bucket list of to-do races since way back in 2015 when Dan and I were training for Rockman. Since then I’ve trained at Grandfather Mountain from time-to-time and I love it there. It’s a magical place made up of lots of technical single-track, lots of cool boulders and awesome views. It takes a special person to not only find enjoyment in its beauty, but at the same time basque in its tough, rugged trails which can kick your ass. I’ve taken some friends along on some of those training adventures, and most recently, Lee came up for a little preview of the Grand Further race course.

The course is only 14 miles of running, but in those 14 miles you’ll climb 2000 feet up to the Calloway Peak (5945 feet), down the other side of the mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway (down 2000 feet), a little loop at the bottom and then back up to the peak. Finally, after climbing a total of about 4200 feet, you’ll descend back to where you started. It’s a tough course filled with craggy rocks, roots, ladders, cliff and more. At times you’ll be exposed to rock faces and at other times you’ll feel like you’re in an enchanted forest.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out: