Oil Crisis

In a rush to lower their products’ amounts of unhealthy trans fats (food labels will start carrying this information in January) many manufacturers are substituting palm oil for partially hydrogenated oils. But new research from the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston, indicates that these trans-fat alternatives may make you fat.

In an 8-week study of 43 healthy adults, those who ate a diet high in palmitic acid (the primary type of saturated fat in palm oil) burned 223 fewer calories per day than those who consumed lower amounts. If you’re trying to lose weight, start by eliminating packaged baked goods such as crackers, cookies and bread — that list palm oil in their ingredients lists.

In your own kitchen, try cooking with Enova oil. It’s a combination of canola and soybean oil that’s been specially processed to make it more likely to be burned by you body for energy instead of stored as fat. One study found that people who substituted Enova for their regular cooking oil lost more weight than those who didn’t make the switch.


Source: Men’s Health Magazine


  1. Good. Good. Good. Did I mention good?Extra Virgin Olive oil is the next best thing. The VERY important thing is to make sure it states "Extra Virgin". You\’ll find "olive oil", "virgin olive oil" and "extra virgin olive oil".By some industry standards, the extras must have less than 1 percent acidity; virgins, less than 3 or 4 percent. And both extras and virgins will be only mechanically or physically processed, or "cold pressed," so they maintain their olive integrity. "Virgin" on the label also means the makers haven\’t cut the product with chemically processed oils.

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