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Love my XTERRA Tribe. Thanks for the reminder during a difficult training block.

Whether you do it for your health, for the fun of it, to be with friends who share the same passion, to keep young, or for whatever reason, just keep swimming, riding and running. If you haven’t experienced the Tribe, come give XTERRA a try.

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 10 – Never Give Up

This is one of the many reasons most people don’t stick to their New Years resolution of getting into shape.  Nothing is more demotivating than having to wait in line with 3 other people for a bench or a treadmill.  However, don’t let the high crowds in the gym end up being your downfall, instead use it as your motivation.


Gym attendance always spikes in January with New Years resolutions and then vastly tapers off in mid to late February.  If you can last thru the crowds, you’ll find that most gyms tend to thin out around the mid-February timeframe making your workouts more enjoyable and include less waiting.  It’s actually a comical joke among my “regular” gym buddies.  “Yup, just a few more weeks and things will be back to normal,” they say.  But don’t end up like one of those quitters they talk about!

Here are some additional reasons many people give up: Continue reading

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 9 – Consistency is Key

Here’s where I struggle.  If you ask my training buddy, Dan the man, he’ll be quick to tell you that this is my biggest problem.  So what better way for me to face it head on than to offer it as a tip as to why it’s important and how I’m going to approach it.

Any level of success when it comes to fitness can be measured by how consistent the person was with their training.  Less consistent = less results.  Mildly consistent = mild results.  You get the picture.


Different people have different reasons for not being consistent.  Some are about being too busy, some are about traveling issues, others are just plain excuses.  Here’s how to fix them and the approach I take… Continue reading

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 8 – Targeting Your Love Handles

This tip brought to you by a question that originated from the pictures of Tip #1.  Someone asked, “I tried everything to make them [love handles] fade, but nothing works. Do you have any tips?”

Any successful weight loss regime will consist of diet and exercise. As for the diet, you have to get rid of the junk and start eating right (see Tip #6).

As for exercise, the trick that Alba (see below) and I used during our initial weight loss and over the subsequent years (before I got into racing) was a combination of both weight training and cardio. We did 3 days of Continue reading

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 7 – Pick Them Up and Put Them Down

This one will be filed under the “well- DUH!” category
Tip Number 7 is….  EXERCISE
You MUST exercise in addition to eating right to lose weight.  If you think your magic pill you see advertised on TV will allow you to lose weight without exercise….  think again.
What I am offering here is a *healthy* way to lose weight and it does not make use of drugs, fat burners, fad diets or the like.  For all intense purposes, your “magic pill” is exercise.
A good exercise program that will maximize weightloss includes BOTH strength training *and* cardio.  You could do either and lose weight, but if you want *maximum* results, you should do both.  I’m not saying that you need to get buff like Governor Arnold.  Some moderate strength training coupled with cardio will give you the best results.
Yesterday, a friend of mine, Théoden Janes posted a link to 10 Common Myths About Working Out.  In this list, they mention that   Continue reading

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Bonus Tip – We interrupt this broadcast

Well, it’s bound to happen. Life gets in the way, so this will not be Tip 7, as I wanted it to be a workout related one. Sooooo, just think of this as a bonus tip and we’ll get back on track tomorrow with Tip 7.

See how easy that is? Life does get in the way, things get derailed and stuff happens. But the key thing is: get back on track ASAP.


It may be something completely small (like forgetting your shoes and realizing it once you get to the gym) or something huge (an injury that sidelines you for several weeks). For me, my daughter had car trouble and I had to Continue reading

10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 6 – Not Eating is Making You Fat

So you’ve heard me mention this briefly and Ive gotten some questions on it, so it’s probably a good tip to throw out there with a little expansion on the topic.  Eating 6 small meals per day is one of the best ways to keep your metabolism stimulated.  This concept has been highlighted in many books, magazines and diet programs (such as The Cover Model Workout, Body for Life, etc).  However, this concept has been around for decades (way before Amazon or Barnes and Noble were around).  Although this concept has been around that long in the bodybuilding arena, it has only recently hit mainstream.  Over the recent years, many universities have done studies about, doctors have endorsed, and dieticians have recommended the 6 meal per day concept.


On the other hand, you’ll find studies that argue that it doesn’t matter and that the overall calories consumed per day is the key measurement regardless of Continue reading