This is a joke, right?

In the process of keeping track of my blog, I frequently check out the statistics which includes number of hits for the day, number of hits for the week and so on.

Another stat is “referring addresses” that visitors came from. This means that if someone else has a link to my blog on their website, and you click on it, I will see that you visited by coming from that site. No, it doesn’t tell me who you are, or where you live or how many scars you have.

However, one thing that is fairly interesting…. When you find my site by searching in Google or MSN search (or some other search engine), I can see what you searched for. So I clicked on one of those today and it was an MSN Search for:

“How to lose 36 pounds in 1 week”

Is this a joke?? Does someone actually think there is a healthy way to accomplish this goal? There are only TWO WAYS that you could lose 36 pounds in one week:

1. Have cosmetic surgery.
2. Saw your leg off above your thigh.

If I had a $100 for everytime I heard about someone who had cosmetic surgery (i.e. Liposuction) only to simply gain the weight back, I’d be a rich man.

In order to permanently change the way you look, you have to permanently change the way you live. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS

Go back and read this blog entry for more information.


  1. Hi – I saw your comment about people that have had liposuction and gained back the weight. I am also amazed at how many people that have had gastric bypass surgery and gained the weight back! Shocking way of learning that there are no quick fixes.

  2. Wow. Saw off your leg. Never thought about that. Problem is that would make keeping the weight off a little troublesome after the incident. Also could hurt a bit. OK, maybe more than a bit.

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