GU Just Keeps Getting Better

Boy-o-boy, how do they keep doing it?  Every time I get a new flavor from the wonderful folks at GU Energy Labs, I always wonder how they will get any better.  Low and behold, each time, they always out-do themselves.  Back when they came out with Roctane, and I got my hands on Blue Berry Pomegranate, I was in heaven.  An awesome flavor in a GU with an extra punch.  Perfect.  Can’t be out-done.

Then, they came out with Pineapple Roctane.  The first time I tried it was during a training ride up in Pisgah.  I instantly had a new favorite flavor.  The only way, I thought, that it could get any better is if I had a new regular GU to go along with my new favorite Roctane.

As if some little fairy was listening to my thoughts and flew to the GU labs to let them know, it wasn’t long that I received a box on my doorstep with yet another new flavor, Jet Blackberry.  Quickly opening a package, I tried one on for size without even taking a close look at the label.  Devouring the packet in sheer delight, I had found my new favorite GU.  I was even more delighted by the fact that it has 2x caffeine.  Along with the Pineapple Roctane, the pair were now a duo at my command.  Surely, this combo cannot be out-done.

Fast forward to today and the box I just received. 


Jet Blackberry now has a flavor that will give it a run for it’s money: Mandarin Orange.  With 1x caffeine, it doesn’t have the same caffeinated boost as Jet Blackberry, but man is it tasty.  I downed a packet just before my trainer workout and I absolutely love it.

Folks at GU, I don’t know how you keep coming up with more and more awesome products.  Whatever it is that keeps you guys and gals inspired, it’s working.  Keep on doing it.  We love you out here!