Why it’s so hard to stick to a diet?

Imagine a dieter who, after months of discipline, loses control of his cravings and goes on a chocolate binge. Once he is satiated, he tries to make sense of this lapse. Since he is incapable of “reliving” his cravings—true empathy—the best explanation for his behavior is unavailable to him. So he manufactures some other explanations: He’s under stress, he has no support, he’s weak, he’s worthless. If he’s not careful, he can talk himself into believing he’s incapable of sticking with a diet—though he’d slipped just once. It’s no wonder that so many people have trouble losing weight."
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  1. sorry i meant to typei\’m losing 40- 5- pounds not 5, lol.
    Well done again :)

  2. Hi, wow, i just wanted to say well done on the weight loss. You look great. I\’m trying to lose 40-5- pounds at the moment and its really difficult. I just cant get my diet sorted and it takes me a while to get motivated to get to my gym to exercise because i dont look like i used to.
    Anyway, you have done a great job.
    Keep up the good work
    Take Care
    Laaibah x-x-x

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