Smashing Weight Loss Myths

When myths are repeated often enough, eventually they are treated as facts. Here are some common weight loss myths and the facts about them:
MYTH: Fast weight loss is best.
FACT: Fast weight loss is not healthy – you lose muscle mass instead of fat. Permanent weight loss requires lifestyle change, not a quick fix.
MYTH: Fat is bad for you.
FACT: Some fats are unhealthy, but some are necessary for your health (like essential fatty acids)
MYTH: Carbohydrates are bad for you.
FACT: There are healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy ones. Healthy (complex) carbohydrates include vegetables and whole grains. Unhealthy (simple) carbohydrates include white sugar and syrups.
MYTH: To lose weight, don’t eat.
FACT: Starving deprives the body of the nutrients it needs for life and can lead to serious illness. Plus you lose muscle mass, not fat. In addition, skipping a meal may cause you to overeat at your next meal.
MYTH: Hit the salad bar for a low calorie meal.
FACT: You can make up a low calorie meal at a salad bar IF you are careful. Salad bars these days can include bacon bits, cheeses, fried chicken, oily dressings, and mayonnaise-based salads like macaroni and potato salad. So, be careful; you could end up with a salad plate filled with more calories than you will have in the rest of the meal.
MYTH: Stay away from the scale.
FACT: Checking your weight once or twice a week is an obvious way to gauge your progress and to help you alter your diet. It is also important to keep track of hip, thigh and waist inches.
MYTH: You have to join a gym.
FACT: Put on your sneakers and take a walk. You do not have to commit to a full-fledged gym program.
The Center for Nutrition & Preventive Medicine, PLLC