Tips and Tricks

  • Tell everyone you know about your weight loss goal. It’ll motivate you to work toward your prized weight.
  • Get a partner. As you motivate your partner to reach his/her prime weight, your partner will motivate you as well.
  • Start a weight loss spreadsheet and post it where others can see it — either in your office/cubicle or on a wall in your home
  • Post a picture of what you used to look like on your bathroom mirror, so that you see it first thing in the morning. Or buy an article of clothing that you wish to fit in once you meet your goal. Try it on every day to see how you’re making progress.
  • Think of your stomach as a fire, and if you continually add a little bit of fuel to it, it’ll keep burning stronger than if you throw a large amount on a smoldering flame. Likewise, after exercising, the fire will be roaring and burn up what is thrown on it faster.
  • Put the salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing, then spear some salad. Because the dressing is on the bottom of the fork (tongue side), you won’t miss out on any of the taste.
  • Always take the stairs.

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  1. Thanks for all the helpful tips, I truly appreicate all the effort you go to , it helps build up the knowledge I need to make this weight loss goal stick.

  2. I\’m a student from Tongji University ,in Shanghai, in China. Do you feel surprised?   Haha~~~ 
    Last week I was arranged to give a speech in our English class,I\’d like to talk about something on losing weight.When I surfing the web,I found something useful in your space,and I also found the song sang by a singer from China. Right?  Nice to meet you! Your family members are beautiful and lovely!

  3. Oh my gosh… heheh.. you really look great!  Did an excellent job.  My husband and I are both shedding the pounds right now.  I haven\’t got the nerve yet to put my befores on… hehe.. not till I get just how I want to be…. I\’ve lost 16 lbs. and my husband 33.  but we\’ve only been doing it since Dec. 6.  I agree with all your tips.. very good..  Thanks for sharing.. I really think that is a great motivator for everyone… to see that someone else DID IT !!   Good job.  Vallerie

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