Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry folks…  for my regular visitors…  I’ve been MIA for a while now…

Ever since getting back from Barber, things have been going non-stop.

HOWEVER…  no matter how busy it gets…  I always make time for the gym.  I talked with a buddy of mine over the weekend who is thinking of starting some form of exercise program.   Before doing so, I always recommend that you do a little research first.  I gave him a couple of books to look at which he picked up from the local bookstore.

After diving into a couple of them, he put them down and on the back burner because life became a little busy.  Of course, this has a domino effect on him actually starting his program.

One lesson that you will learn very early on in any get-in-shape goals that you make is that you HAVE TO MAKE TIME.  If you allow life’s little incontinences and busy work to take precedence, you can go ahead and commit yourself now to never getting in shape.

As you can see, it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  Hobbies and fun things such as my blog begin to take the back burner when life gets busy..   but NOT my training program.

Don’t have enough time in the evenings?  Go to the gym in the morning.  Don’t have time in the morning?  Get up earlier.  Don’t want to get out of bed that early?  Suck it up, fatso. (no sugar coating today)

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  1. Love it….especially the last part…I know when I first found out I was pregnant I thought I would have to give all this up and I am at 45 pds lost, but I did some research on the internet and it says that there is no reason I  can\’t keep trainin and excercisesing….SO that really made me happy.

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