Interval Cardio

Sounds like you are already on your way.  Continue to make smart choices about what you eat and ALWAYS exercise good portion control.  A very common mistake I see folks making is eating good foods, but assuming because they are "good" foods that they can eat as much of them as they want.  NOT SO.  Too many calories are too many calories.  Period.
The key is: 
-smaller portions
-more freguent meals (but smaller ones)
-more exercise
-combining both cardio AND strength training for maximum results
You may want to step up (pun intended) your walks.  Try some short bursts of faster, brisk walking followed by normal walking.  For example, try brisk walking for 2 mintues, followed by normal walking for 2 minutes.  Do this for at least 20-25 minutes followed by a 5 minute regular walk as a cool down (you’re still at 30 mins total).
In doing so, you have just performed a 30 minute interval training cardio session.  See how easy that was?  Doing interval training has shown to burn more calories after the workout than doing steady-pace training.
You can apply this same concept to running, eliptical, biking, or whatever your mode of cardio you prefer.


  1. Your site is so cool and inspirational. I\’ve been a fan of the Body for Life for years, but have been opposed to supplements and the last time I tried it…I couldn\’t stomach the Myoplex. I will be visiting your site often as I have a huge journey ahead of me. I have 90 pounds to lose. You should be very proud of yourself…keep up the great work and thanks for your site.

  2. i was wondering if you can help me obtain my normal weight level. im very confused about how to lose weight, i dont know what to eat how much execerisei need. if you can help me i left my email there for you to respond. im 18 years old 200lb and 5 9\’.

  3. Hi Marcus,Thanks for the great advice.I will continue to work out and I will looking into that book as well as weights.Cheers!

  4. With everything, always check with your doctor first.There are a number of ways to get into strength training. There are several books out there that explain how to get started and what exercises to do. Read my July 26 post and you\’ll see some that my wife and I have used. Also, if you are going to be working out at home, you may want to invest in some weights. The "Home Workout Bible" is a good one I hear, but do not have any personal experience with it.As for your interval training, it is not necessary to do it for a full hour. The longest we have ever done interval training is for 30 mins. If you feel like you can go longer than that, then you need to take the intensity up a notch, not the time.

  5. Howdy!Thank you so much for responding to my comment!Two nights ago I started doing the "interval training cardio." I walked for a telephone pole length and then I jogged one, and so on and so forth.Should I maintain a half an hour session or should I bump it up to an hour?What is a great way to start strength training? What kinds of exercises should I start?Thank you ever so much!

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