Diet Myths – The Series, Episode 2

Myth: Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!

This is down-right unhealthy.  Losing this much weight in this short amount of time could lead to death.  These diets are usually based around dehydration (believe it or not).  Just do a search on "rapid weight loss" and "death" and you’ll see what I mean.  Numerous cases.  Losing weight at the rate of a pound or two a week is the most effective way to take it off and keep it off.

The Director of Yale University’s Center for Eating and Weight Disorders explains the miracle formula used by diet books to become bestsellers for over a century now: "easy, rapid weight loss; the opportunity to eat your favorite foods and some scientific ‘breakthrough’ that usually doesn’t exist." The rapid loss of initial water weight seen particularly on low carb diets has an additional sales benefit. By the time people gain back the weight, they may have already told all their friends to buy the book, and the cycle continues. This has been used to explain why low carb diets have been such "cash cows" for publishers over the last 140 years (Journal of American Medical Association). As one weight loss expert notes, "Rapid water loss is the $33-billion diet gimmick."