10 Fitness Tips in 10 Days – Tip 7 – Pick Them Up and Put Them Down

This one will be filed under the “well- DUH!” category
Tip Number 7 is….  EXERCISE
You MUST exercise in addition to eating right to lose weight.  If you think your magic pill you see advertised on TV will allow you to lose weight without exercise….  think again.
What I am offering here is a *healthy* way to lose weight and it does not make use of drugs, fat burners, fad diets or the like.  For all intense purposes, your “magic pill” is exercise.
A good exercise program that will maximize weightloss includes BOTH strength training *and* cardio.  You could do either and lose weight, but if you want *maximum* results, you should do both.  I’m not saying that you need to get buff like Governor Arnold.  Some moderate strength training coupled with cardio will give you the best results.
Yesterday, a friend of mine, Théoden Janes posted a link to 10 Common Myths About Working Out.  In this list, they mention that  a common myth is that you burn more calories with cardio than you do with strength training.  As the article mentions that with “strength training allows calories to burn for longer after the workout.”  So, again, if you want maximum results, you should be doing both cardio and strength training.
I’ve also heard many people say that they plan on losing weight *before* they start strength training.  This is a backwards approach.  Start your strength training *to* lose weight.  If you are unsure of what to do in the gym, there are plenty of books out there that can help.  If you don’t want to tackle it alone, get a personal trainer at your local gym to help.
Here are a couple of book recommendations:
Cover Model Workout – Novice to Intermediate – It should be noted that this book is not in print anymore, but it is the one that Alba and I used back during our initial trek and is what we followed to lose the bulk of our weight and to get fit.  If you can get it, you’ll find it is a great book that uses full-body workouts to maximize your time in the gym (or at home) working out.  It also includes a comprehensive cardio plan in addition to the strength training.  The author also does an outstanding job explaining proper eating habits.
Home Workout Bible – Novice to Intermediate – Great book if you want to workout at home and stay away from the gym scene.  Personally, I feel that you NEED to go to the gym eventually in order to gain access to leg presses and cable machines that can take you to the next level.
Book of Muscle – Intermediate to Advanced – This book can be a bit daunting to the Novice.  The workouts are a bit longer and a little more complex.  Also, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information about the different muscle groups.  However, there in lies the benefit.  If you’re ready for the “next step”, everything you wanted to learn about muscle is included.  One downfall: this book does not elaborate on cardio which is needed for additional weightloss.
But don’t just get stuck on one of these books.  The key thing is to get started on a strength training program of some sort that doesn’t just have you wandering around the gym wondering what to do.  There are too many lost puppies in the gym this time of year as it is.  You should be going to the gym with a purpose and a plan of knowing what you need to do when you get there.
I’d love to hear your comments and questions.  Just hit the comment section below.
See you tomorrow for Tip Number 8!