Frosty 5k Race 2 of 3

The second race went very well.  The course was all flat except for one decent sized hill between miles 1 and 2.  If I would have known the course, I would have planned a little more strategically and saved as much energy as possible until *after* the hill.  Instead, I used it as an opportunity to pass a few people.  I paid for it shortly after.
Anyhow, here’s my race results:
                            MALE AGE  30 – 39

Place Name                          Ag G Bib   City         Guntime
===== ============================= == = ===== ====================
    1 Jimmie Chavis                 33 M    47 CHARLOTTE      19:05
    2 Marcus Barton                 38 M    12 WAXHAW         19:38
    3 Clayton Venhuizen             36 M   275 CHARLOTTE      20:41



  1. Ok Marcus, to be my friend you have to promise one thing…and one thing only (giggling) Don\’t ever make fun of the old lady\’s time, K?  I run just so I can stay in my size 3 jeans HA! NOT for the time.
    But seriously, this is really something…what is that 6 and something minute miles! I\’ll be lucky if I can get it under 10 minutes….REAL lucky! Fantastic time.  Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing this.
    Happy Valentines Day!

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