Frosty 5k Race 1 of 3

My IT bands held up pretty good in today’s race.  I’ve been taking it easy since the 50k, just doing my regular strength training and cardio, and no "extracurricular" activities.  Normally I mountain bike and trail run on a regular basis, but since the 50k, the old IT bands have been giving me a challenge.
Since I haven’t ran since before Christmas, I was hoping they’d do well.
The bad part…  as soon as the race was over, they began to tighten up a bit.  Now, sitting here on the couch some 12 hours later, they’re hurting.  Granted they’re not hurting as bad as after the 50k, but they still need more healing time.
Plan moving forward… 
  • No running until the next Frost 5k race. 
  • Stick to my regular 3 days of strength training and 3 days of cardio (swimming, eliptical, etc) per week.
  • R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Whatever the Dr. says.
More to come…


  1. Hi Marcus,
    I have come by way of Jim\’s and am a fellow North Carolinian. I have invited you as a friend so that I can keep up with your activities and try to stay motivated (I am not a super athlete (lol), I am just a "middle ager"…ok…soon to be an "over the hiller" (smile) trying to stay in shape! Have a great Sunday,Sheila from Running On and Hurricane Lane

  2. You seemed to be walking normally after the run today.  Sorry they are still hurting.  You had a good run though.  A really good run.

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