Injuries Suck

Ran a short, easy 5 miles on the trail yesterday followed by 16 on the mountain bike.  Tonight I’m sitting here with ice on my knee.  I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I must have tweaked it.  More likely, it is an injury from trying to raise my mileage too quickly.  It probably doesn’t help that I think my bike setup needs adjusting (I changed the setup to allow my teenager to ride, and it hasn’t been the same sense).
Either way, they are mistakes I could have avoided.
Take away’s for you:
  • Don’t go out too fast or too hard, too soon.  If you will be doing an endurance event, you should gradually increase your weekly mileage.  If you are just starting out with exercising, ease into it.
  • Proper bike fit is essential.  This should ultimately be performed by a professional or someone experienced in setting up a bike.  Leg angle, seat height, seat position, and other factors should be taken into consideration.


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  1. Marcus, I know, buddy! I am guilty of the same thing…though my threshold is nothing like yours.  My friend has been running me on a 6-7 mile trail type runs (ditches and uneven surfaces) on thursdays and it is so different from the treadmill run, that it takes an extra day to recover (my feet and achilles, calfs…oh boy)…I should have started with  a 3 mile run and gradually increased up to the 6 mile, rather than going all out like I did! I can do a 10-12 mile slow fun run on the treadmill anytime…but age has decided for me that fast more difficult runs have to be gradually increased.
    Hope the ice works and you get that bike sorted.
    hugs hugs

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