Healthy Alternatives #3

Pasta Salad
The upside:
Most pasta-salad recipes include a variety of fresh vegetables.
The downside:  The main ingredient is white-flour pasta, a close relative of white bread.
The healthy alternative:  Egg salad has no impact on blood sugar, and a University of Connecticut review reports that there is no connection between egg consumption and heart disease.
English Muffins
The upside:
One English muffin — two halves — has half as many calories as two slices of bread. So it’s better for a breakfast sandwich.
The downside:   Most English muffins not only raise blood sugar significantly but are nearly devoid of fiber, protein, and vitamins. This makes them a great example of a food that provides only empty calories.
The healthy alternative:  One hundred percent whole-wheat English muffins are a decent start, but we like the kind made from sprouted grains, which contain no flour and are packed with nutrients. For instance, Food for Life sprouted-grain English muffins have twice as much fiber and 30 percent more protein compared with the typical 100 percent whole-wheat version. (For stores, check