The biggest obstacle to a better bod: your brain

Wow.  The folks over at MSN sure are cranking out some good fitness articles..
Here’s yeat another good read:
My favorite excerpt?
"Fitness programs often fail because people have a "one-shot wonder mentality" in which they want immediate results or else they quit, says Wrisberg.
But exercise does not produce dramatic results overnight — or even in just a couple of months. If you were banking on losing lots of weight from January till now, or getting a super-sculpted bod, you just haven’t put in enough time. So stay the course."


  1. Wow I just stumbled onto your site through kellynpeters and I must say I am inspired, I have lost 40 pds so far and still have 12 pds to go, it seems I am feeling less motivated now because it is taking longer to see results but after reading all of your wonderful tips and using the links I feel as thou I have a tool to help me pump up my motivation thanks…
    I hope you dont\’ mind but I will be adding your link on my site…You and your wife look great together.

  2.            What i have found out in the last few months is the more i improve physically the more i want to improve. Losing weight has been a little slower then i would of liked but im still working towards my goal. Its great to have more energy and feel the added strength working out gives a person. From someone who is planning to stay the course.

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