20 Ways to Stick to Your Workout

You have the right to remain fat. Or skinny. Or weak. But you should know that every workout you miss can and will be used against you to make your belly bigger, your muscles smaller and weaker, and your life shorter. Unfortunately, most Americans are exercising their right not to exercise.
A recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that only 19 percent of the population regularly engages in "high levels of physical activity." (That’s defined as three intense 20-minute workouts per week.)
Another 63 percent — about the same percentage as that of Americans who are overweight — believe that exercising would make them healthier, leaner, and less stressed, but they don’t do it. At the root of this problem is motivation, or the lack thereof.
It’s the difference between wanting to exercise and actually doing it. That’s why the advice you’re about to read is priceless. [The link below is] filled with the favorite motivational strategies of the top personal trainers in the country. Their livelihoods, in fact, depend on the effectiveness of their tips to inspire their clients to exercise — and to stick with it. After all, statistics don’t pay by the hour.

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  1. My motivational strategy is simple.  I want to run my life.  I want to be in control.  I want to dictate if I do something or not.  I don\’t want my bad health or my overweight to be the deciding factor.  Basically, I control my life.  My life does not control me. 
    Well, of course, ummmm, that is, maybe, more than likely, I am taking my wife out of that equation.  Add her back in and I do not have as much control as I would like to believe.  :)

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