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Sugar Loaf

"Eating a slice of white bread has the same impact as 4 tablespoons of sugar.  It kicks your body into fat-storage mode."  Men’s Health Magazine, January/Febuary Edition
Instead, if you have to have your bread, do as I do, opt for bread made with 100% whole wheat.  If it doesn’t say "100%" it’s made with enriched flour which is not quite the same thing.
You know white bread is a nutritional mistake, so you grab brown bread. Careful. Whole-wheat bread is what you want. It’s full of fiber because it’s made from the entire wheat kernel–germ, bran, and endosperm. The label should say "whole-wheat," and the first item on the ingredients list should be whole-wheat flour. Breads labeled simply "wheat bread" usually are made with about 75 percent white flour and 25 percent whole-wheat flour. Check the ingredients.
Dark meat is mostly slow-twitch muscle fibers, used for slow, continuous activities like walking around the chicken pen, wondering if this is all there is to life. White meat is made up of fast-twitch muscle fibers, used for sudden bursts of activity, like flapping your wings when that scary man reaches down to grab you and end your life, which really wasn’t so bad. Fast-twitch muscles don’t need the stored fat that slow-twitch muscles do, so white meat has less than half the fat of dark meat.
They’re the same on the inside, and let’s extend that lesson to society at large, shall we? White-shelled eggs come from white-feathered, white-earlobed hens. Brown-shelled eggs come from red-feathered, red-earlobed hens. (Yes, chickens have earlobes.) There is no nutritional or taste difference. Brown eggs cost more because they come from slightly larger birds that require more food.

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