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"Just wondering, if I lift 5 times a week (and also do cardio 5 times a week for 35 min), should I classify myself as a light or moderate exerciser?

I have maintained my weight and measurements with my training and what I eat (although I haven’t really been watching what I eat). But I am going to start cutting and try to get some definition – something I should’ve been doing a long time ago but I am just too lazy I guess. Anyways, so I am trying to figure out my base calorie intake so I can make sure I have a calorie deficit everyday"

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Shikuruu, Thanks for stopping by.

Given the brief explanation you gave, I would think you fall somewhere between moderate and intense. *However* that really depends on how intense your workout sessions are. I’ve seen folks do 30 minutes of cardio and barely break a sweat. I’d also classify my 20 minute cardio sessions as extremely intense, usually more intense than some folk’s hour long sessions. So, the answer is really a "it depends" answer.

Without knowing more about your workouts and fitness level, it would be tough for me to say. Personally, it sounds like you may already have a good start with the workouts you are doing (although I doin’t know specifics).

You mention that you haven’t been watching what you eat. If you haven’t been eating right (lots of junk food, sodas, etc), then you may want to concentrate on getting rid of the bad foods and replace them with healthy meals and snacks. Do this *before* worrying so much about caloric intake. You’d be suprised at how much of a difference that will make on getting cut. Once you’ve started eating right, if you don’t start to get the look you desire, then fine tune it by taking a look at your caloric intake.

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  1. I don\’t consider it cardio unless I hit 75% of my max heart rate(180x>75=135). I try to hit 85% for some of the workout. I have my bike on a indoor trainer. I have a Bowflex which I don\’t use enough. The rest is stretching and Pilates.

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