What are YOU doing wrong

Couple of excerpts from the following article:
Elliptical Trainer (Your Form)
The mistake: Too little resistance. "Some people go so fast that it’s almost momentum working for them as opposed to their having to propel the step," says Holdsworth.
The fix: Set the resistance correctly. Gliding isn’t good. "When you make a revolution, you want to feel you’re pushing the ramp down," says Holdsworth. "Have weight there rather than flipping around freely." As your balance improves, keep your hands at your sides; you’ll recruit core muscles to keep yourself stable.
Your [Cardio] Workout
The mistake: Too many long, steady, flat runs.
The fix: Run shorter and harder, mixing speeds and inclines. You’ll fatigue your muscles and your energy source more quickly, leading to more efficient fat burning throughout the day. Start with a 2 percent incline, and over several sessions work up to 10 percent. (Just walk at this point.) The more intense the workout, the shorter it can be.
(this holds true not only for the treadmill, but any type of cardio)
Burn Fat Faster
Next time you race off to the gym, use these secrets for maximum effect