Diet Myths – The Series, Episode 4

Myth: Lose weight without diet or exercise!

Riiiiight.  This is the silver bullet that everyone is looking for.  As they say in the south: "It ain’t gonna happen."  This claim of shedding pounds without diet and exercise usually come from manufacturers of fat burners, metabolism boosters and the like.  Read the fine print, people.  Notice that on most of the advertising, right when they have someone come on and say, "I lost 40 pounds", you’ll also see or hear a disclaimer usually including, "Results not typical" and "Regular exercise and proper nutrition are essential for achieving your weight loss goals."

Helllllloooooo.  Well, duh.  Once again, " and exercise are essential".  No kidding.  Really?  And it took you buying a $40 dollar bottle of metabolism-boosting-slim-trim pill thingy to figure that out?

If you want to lose weight, it’s going to take work.  This includes both diet and exercise.  Do one without the other and you’re doomed for failure from the start.  There are no miracles.  Anyone claiming that you can lose weight without diet or exercise is making a false promise. 

Sure, there’s a possibility that you could shed a few pounds without doing both, but many times, this may only be water weight (see Episode 2 below).  Besides, if you want long-term, lasting results, you have to do both.

My wife and I lost a combined weight of almost 70 pounds, and it didn’t take a magic pill or shake.  The only "supplements" we took (and still do) is a multivitamin.