Persistence is Key

So many people ask me how it’s done.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  I begin to spurt out all the gory details of working out and eating right.  Either their eyes light up with anticipation that it is possible for them or they start to glaze over after about 10 minutes of my jabber.

I have helped many people get started with a regimen.  I’m no expert or fitness trainer, but I can tell them how I did it.  However, many of them do not stick with the program for one reason or another.  Either they slowly inch off of the program by making their own slight modifications to the diet or exercise, or they give up on it totally.  It’s very disappointing for me because I see so much potential in these people.  I know they can do it. 

The truth is: the problem lies in persistence.  You have to be persistent with the diet.  You have to be persistent with the workout program.  There are no short cuts; there are no miracles or magic pills.  If you want to change the way you look, you have to change the way you live.  You can’t continue eating the things you do and exercising the way you do and think that you’ll change the way you look.  It’s not going to happen.   

It takes determination, because it is anything *but* easy.  You have to want it bad.  You have to want it more than anything in this world.  You have to say to yourself that once and for all, you are sick and tired of being fat.  You have to make the decision that nothing or no one will stop you from getting in the best shape of your life.  There can be no compromises. 

Every time you think of straying; eating a donut, rice crispy treat, cookie or skipping a workout, you have to think about your end goal.  Which one do you want more?  Besides, you can always save that sugary treat for your day off.