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50 in 48

Dan came up with this wild idea of how to get in a bunch of mileage in one weekend.  I was suckered into it…  50 miles in 48 hours…

What is SwimRun

I’ve gotten a ton of questions asking, “What is this crazy sport you’ve been doing lately?!?!” Well, it’s easier to show you a few video clips to help explain. One thing is for sure, if you like adventure, a challenge, and have the desire for something tough, then you’ll probably be hooked after giving one of these a try.

SwimRunNC Recap, XTERRA Myrtle Beach Update and Offseason

Quick ÖtillÖ Update

Ok. So quick race update for you. We had a great race. The water was choppy with 4 foot swells at points. There were serious winds that made it tough to warm up, even with running. As we moved south, each swim got progressively colder with the start of the race being 54 degrees.

About halfway through the race, we were in 9th place and picking off teams, but ended up finishing 35th after some issues.  We missed our planned time of under 10 hours, but I still wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. We shared laughs and misery, fun sections and tough as nails sections, easy swims and swims I have no idea how we survived.

Thanks to everyone who watched online. I thought of you every time they stuck a camera on us. Thanks to Alba for sticking through me and all the training. Thanks to GU Energy for keeping me fueled and Inov-8 for keeping me in kicks, Timex for keeping me on time. Thanks to Alan Alan Tyson and Candace Myer at Architect Sports for keeping me moving. Full race report on the way. #guforit #inov8 #weswimrun #otillo15 #timefactoryteam

Stocking Stuffers for Athletes

Have a loved-one that is a triathlete or biker? Still scrambling for some stocking stuffer ideas? To the untrained eye, these may seem a bit cheesy, but trust me, if you want to get them something that they’ll actually need and use, then think about these. Not only are they practical and show that you’ve put some thought into their love of sport, but it’ll add a few snickers on Christmas morning. You can find most of these at Continue reading

Soggy Climbing

Well, the weatherman was a bit misleading.  Again.  Last Wednesday and Thursday, it was forecasted for a bee-you-tee-full weekend in the mountains.  Since it looked like good weather, we hatched a plan for a Saturday ride of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Linville Falls to Mount Mitchell… and back.

Friday night, before we hit the hay, the forecast changed a bit, with it now forecasted to be raining the next morning.  It didn’t seem like a big deal because the infamous forecasters said it would be ending by 8am.  As luck would have it, 8am came and went with it was still raining.  Re-checking the forecast, they again changed it claiming it would stop around 9.  Once again, 9am came and went with a newly updated forecast stating the rain would be ending even later.

We threw caution to the wind and headed out anyway, hoping that it would eventually taper off with the sun peaking through and thus creating a great ride.  It never happened.


A little over 3 hours into our ride, we ascended (literally) into the clouds, howling wind and pelting rain to make it to the entrance of Mount Mitchell State Park at 5,190 feet.  Needless to say, given the very, very windy conditions and rain, we decided not to make the final 4.5 mile, 1400 foot climb to the top of the mountain.  Instead, we turned around and headed back to get below the clouds and wind.

With a quick stop over in Little Switzerland to grab a cup o’ joe, in an attempt to warm our cold bones, we were greeted by passersby telling us how crazy we were for riding in the cold rain.  It wasn’t an insult since I think they meant it in jest.  I think.

We finished up the ride in a little over 6 hours, much longer than it should have taken, given the conditions.  We didn’t break any speed records, but we did get in a little over  12,000 feet of climbing.  There were small sections that were dry, so we did get a couple of nice, speedy descents, but for the most part, it was wet and slick.  We also didn’t do many fast ones, because with speed and temperature, there was a fine line between fun and frozen.  The ride seemed even longer than it was given the cold rain and the duration of butt-in-saddle time, even with my comfy Cobb Saddle.  Butt wasn’t sore, but I was tired..  We still had a good time and I’m thoroughly glad I went.  Ice bath anyone?


Sorry to see you leave us Caballo Blanco. RIP

"If I were to be remembered for anything at all, I would want that to be that I am/was authentic. No Mas. Run Free!" – Micah True