More Atkins Fodder

The basis of the Atkins diet is that the body will use stored fat for energy as long as it doesn’t have the type of carbohydrates that are easily metabolized readily available.  The Atkins idea further believes that the specific carbs that are bad are those that are high in sugar or other simple carbs which stimulate insulin.

Many food manufactuers jumped on the Atkins bandwagon and have flimflammed the public by introducing a silly concept they call "net carbs" which basically means you don’t count the carb calories if they don’t affect the blood sugar levels.  HOWEVER, the part that throws most people off is that although these foods may not have a lot of "net carbs" they DO have plenty of calories that can make you fat.

Recently, (here’s the funny part), Atkins Nutritionals announced that the term "net carbs" is not very precise, so they have since eliminated the term from their foods labels.  However, they will replace it with (just as dubious term) "net Atkins count".  This "count" assesses the food based on its weight loss by hpw much it increases the blood sugar.

A recent Danish study found no difference in weight loss between people eating diets where blood sugar increases quickly than those who ate diets where blood sugar indexes where kept low.