The “New” Crowd

Went to the gym today. OH MY GOD was it packed.  I’ve never seen it that busy. 

Granted, it was around 11am on a Saturday, which is not my usual time at the gym.  Saturdays are usually my days off, but I took one on Thursday, so today is make-up day.

On one hand, I was almost pissed.  "All these freaking people, I’m never gonna get on a machine."  Not to mention there were small kids on the stair masters and elliptical (now that’s down-right rude).  What business does an 8 year old have on an elliptical machine?

Then I realized.  These folks are obviously part of the New Years resolution crowd (not usually there at 5am when I am).  This is a YMCA (yup, they beat Gold’s where I live) and it is family oriented.  Besides, if it takes bringing your kids to the Y to get into shape, then more power to you.  Keep it up and hang in there.  Don’t let the resolution fall by the way side.

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  1. FYI – in the YMCA gym itself there\’s not supposed to be anyone under 13 – and then they\’re supposed to be supervised by their parents til they\’re 16.Little ankle biters.Thanks for the book recommendations Marcus – they helped cure my fear of carbs finally. :)

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