New to the Family: Inov-8

As you know, all of my sponsorships have been for products that I love and trust FIRST before I sought sponsorship.  I don’t believe in blindly towing a sponsors line simply because they chose to sponsor me.  I’m not a pro, nor do I profess to be the fastest guy out there and, yes, I am afraid of other fast boys in North Carolina and elsewhere (some of you will get that pun). But, I do profess to be someone who has a love of training and even more of a love for racing.  So, during my efforts of training and racing, along with sharing my experiences and lessons I’ve learned with you, I seek out sponsors who believe in my abilities as an athlete and ambassador.

I’ve raced for quite a few years now and I’ve tried all sorts of shoes.  For the past couple of years, I’ve raced with products from Inov-8 after I got a taste of their shoes.  When Dan and I began considering racing ÖtillÖ as a team, we both agreed very quickly that we’d be racing in Inov-8 shoes.  With any sort of planning of such a daunting race, everything must be well thought out and tested.  We’re still trying out several different pair and haven’t settled on which ones will be our secret weapons, but you can pretty much bet on them coming in a box that looks like one of these:


Well, I’m happy to announce that Dan and I sought sponsorship with Inov-8 and we were honored when they said yes!  We promptly received the goodies above and we’re already breaking them in.  Expect some highlights and write-ups on some great gear in the very near future.  Every piece of gear they send me, I will be putting though the paces and will share detailed info about each of them with you.  Stay tuned!