Superbowl Calories

Couple of quotes from a great MSN article (thanks Roger).
If January is the time when dedicated weight-watchers resolve to drop all their holiday pounds, then Super Sunday is the day many decide to blow it out.
Some party-goers will consume at least 3,000 calories on Super Bowl day, including the food they eat before and after the game, Grotto estimates. The daily recommendation for adults is 2,000 calories, with no more than 30 percent of total calories (or 65 grams) coming from fat.
But even if you overindulge, don’t panic. "The main thing to remember — it’s one day," she says.  "Just get back on your regular eating schedule the next day and continue your regular physical activity."
Try to get some extra exercise minutes throughout the rest of the week, she adds. "That’ll help burn off some of the extra calories you consumed on Super Bowl day."