Super Bowl Abs or Super Bowl Gut?

Some people use Super Bowl Sunday as a reason to take a break from their New Years resolution of eating right.  For those of you that are following the same philosophy as I do (six meals per day, six days per week, with one day off), this is the perfect opportunity to use up one of your cheat days.
However, don’t let the game give you the excuse to overdo it.  Although you can use one of your cheat days for Sunday, don’t end up gorging yourself all day long on crappy food.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan on eating some pizza, chips and dip myself.  The main difference is that I will still do it in moderation.
If you think I’m bursting your bubble, don’t worry.  You can still snack with the rest of folks at the party without completely blowing all the hard work you’ve done up to this point.  If you choose the right snacks, you can munch without turning into one of the superbowl linebackers.
So use your cheat day to have a few slices of pizza and an item or two of the unhealthy snacks.  The rest of the day use some of these healthy snacks:
One Pot Wonders (mmmmm Turkey Chili)
As always, the difference between a six pack and a pot-belly is moderation, moderation, moderation.


  1. Hi Marcus..i have enjoyed your space and it has given me some more motivation to keep working out.I found your space while visiting your wife\’s space.OHHH i hope i didnt get you into trouble with your wife …as i was reading some of your blogs i came across her name in one of your enteries. I found out later that she doesnt feel comfortable having her name mentioned on her space.I feel bad about doing that to her….and i wont do that again.I tryed your Flat-belly test and got a +4…hope to work that number up a little.I did abbs yesterday and have added crunches to all 4 of my routines that were set up for me by a fitness trainer.Its time for me to go with my wife to the gym now…Have a great weekend …Garth
     Ps..I look more like your before pic then your after…LOL..Ill be back to read more.

  2. No break for the weary.  Super Bowl is just another Sunday to me.  First thing on the agenda, run a 5k with Sharksbite.  :)

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