We’re BACK!


Get it?  We’re "back".  Heh heh.

Anyhow…  we’re back from vacation.  We had a GREAT time. 

View our vacation album on the left

Also, there are some cool pictures of our sand castle adventrure in the photo album as well.

We had Mark Flynn from http://www.SandOdyssey.com come out and give us a private lesson.  We learned so much about building sand sculptures from scratch (no molds or cheating).  Thanks Mark!!!


  1. ok so I typed out this long comment…clicked Publish Comment and *poof* it\’s gone. Nice, real nice. From what I remember this is what I had said:Well, I just have to say that you\’ve done a great job! I know what it feels like to accomplish what most others fail at doing. I quickly breezed through some of your blogs and I have to say that it\’s refreshing to hear not only positive comments about a healthy lifestyle but also CORRECT information on how to go about making those changes…so many are misinformed and may never attempt the change because of that.Your diet looks good, obviously it has worked for you thus far…so it MUST be working! LOL. My husband, Adam, and I also do 6 days diet and one day off (we call it our cheat day), but as the contest day gets closer and closer, I\’m afraid we\’ll have to down-size that to ONE cheat MEAL on that day. boooo. but in the end, it will be worth it…maybe….lol.I\’ll get Adam to take a look at your site later, he\’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have regarding a work out regime (he\’s very goosd at it), i\’m sure he\’ll have some ideas too…I think it\’ll be nice actually, to offer suggestions to someone who actually knows what we\’re talking about…and not someone insisting that they are not able to change their routine of 3 square meals a day, and fast food, and actually paying attention to what they eat, getting in the gym, working out Hard, etc, etc… you get the idea, hey? hahaanywhoo….we\’ll be back, (haha)~Jelly~

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