Ran the SharksBite 4.3 mile run on Thursday.  Was going to blog about it yesterday, but man… was Friday busy.
Anyhow, met some really great people and I look forward to running it next week.  Maybe I’ll take my camera along for some pics.
It’s quite the course with lots of nice hills.  To find out more about it, see a map, and course click here.  I did the course in 34:03.  That’s just a little under an 8 minute mile.
Thanks Jim for invting me.  Now just to see if I can get my wife to go.  :-o

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  1. Hi, I was looking at your before and after photos and you made those annoying love handles go away in no time. How did you do it?, How long did it take? I have them.. every time I look in the mirror I just want to die.. I tried everything to make them fade, but nothing works. Do you have any tips?

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