Finally getting back to normal after the walk.  Finally beginning to walk without limping.  I am REALLY "jones’ing" to get back to my regular workout.  I’m limiting it to upper body, abs (and other core) exercises. 

No lower body and no cardio.  

I now know how my buddy Jim felt when he hurt his heel.  I’m anxious to get back into things full gear but know the importance of healling fully.

Anyone ever hear of "anterior tibial tendinitis"?

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  1. Hi! I have visited your wifes space quite a few times, and today I saw a link that brought me here. I am really amazed with both of your stories! I enjoy reading them alot. Your wife is a very beautiful, and strong woman! You have a beautiful family! I just wanted to leave a few of many positive thoughts I have for your family! Please share this with your wife! LOL teetah

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