My Marine

Quote from Tosca Reno, from one of my wife’s fitness magazines…

"Physique shaping takes guts – and plenty of it.  Pink may well be a fitness gals favorite fashion color, but her heart really races when she wraps her fingers around the cool, gleaming steel of a pair of dumbbells or the bars of a weight machine.  Sisters in iron, these women fight for every inch of definition.  They say ‘No’ a lot and have the steely discipline of a highly trained marine.  And they like it that way.   With health and fitness clearly in mind, fitness women like these are focused on one thing – getting the fittest physique possible, through resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and a heck of a lot of clean eating."

My marine?  My wife.  Have I mentioned how proud I am of her?  She has made great strides and looks awesome.  She has stuck with this program, even when she’s had to workout by herself while I’m outta town.

I couldn’t have done it without her.

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  1. I could see her profiled in one of those fitness magazines. A glossy layout with pictures of her and with the family, a short story and then another spread with her as the model for a targeted routine where she really shines. Let me know when it\’s published.

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