XTERRA Whitewater Pre Ride and Pre Run THIS Sunday!!

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We’re super-excited about XTERRA Whitewater coming up next month. Many of you are already signed up. Some of you are still sitting on the fence. Whether you’re signed up, thinking about of this is the first you’ve heard of it, come on out this weekend to check out the course.

I’ll be personally guiding a group of warriors around the US National Whitewater Center to give you a preview of the bike and run courses. If you want the inside scoop, then don’t miss this opportunity.


When: Sunday, June 19th, 2:00pm

Where: US National Whitewater Center (click here for directions)

We’ll be meeting in the parking lot near the trailhead. Just look for a black, Toyota, 4-door pickup. I’ll also have some XTERRA Whitewater signs out to make it easier to find me.

We’ll start off with a quick briefing and answer any questions before heading out on the bike course. Each lap of the race is just over 8 miles, and we’ll only be riding one lap during the pre-ride (unless we have a unanimous decision to do two). Following the ride, we’ll go for a 5 mile run of the run course.

Within the first mile of the ride, we’ll stop by the transition area to discuss how transition will be laid out and the second-half of the 2-part swim. About 3 miles into the ride, we’ll stop by the river to discuss the first part of the swim. Throughout the rest of the ride, we’ll make stops to show where waters will be and to chat about confusing areas and traffic flow. You’ll also receive some insider tips on proper lines to take and approaches to difficult sections.

The pre-run is optional. If you don’t feel like running or would rather take off on your own to ride more, you will be free to do so. For those of you wanting to pre-run the course, we’ll head out shortly after finishing up our ride. The course covers some of the same trails we’re riding, but there’s some differences at the end.

Come on out and join us!