Hella climbing

Had a great, impromptu ride with Andrew, Ching and Jerud yesterday.  We rode for about 5 hours and climbed for 15 miles. Man, it was a blast. It also paid off with a wicked fast, fun, technical downhill.


There were some great views near the top, so I snapped a few pics on the way up.

WP_20130922_016 - Copy

WP_20130922_028 - Copy

We also got to ride about 5 miles of this:

WP_20130922_037 - Copy

With this route, you either learn to love or hate rocks.

At the top, we had a few snacks, some rehydration and some laughs to top it off. “There’ll be a few more climbs during our downhill,” Andrew stated. He later followed up with, “Only in Pisgah can you climb to the top of the world and still have climbing during your downhill.”

WP_20130922_022 - Copy  WP_20130922_047 - Copy

We even listened to some good music on quality stereo equipment.

WP_20130922_046 - Copy

On the way down, I had a puncture that sealant wouldn’t seal. Too many leftover thorns from Texas I guess. I ended up sticking a tube in. Jerud punctured a tire not too long after me. His sealant may have worked had it not been used as his own personal, special effects. It created quite the fog as it sprayed out of his tire. Looked like something straight out of the movies with him riding through the fog like a superhero.

WP_20130922_049 - Copy

All in all, it was a great time and a great workout to boot.  Who’s up for 15 miles of climbing this weekend?

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  1. Awesome ride Marcus, I’ve got to get out to Pisgah sometime. I’d recommend genuine innovations tubeless repair kit, it’s saved me a few times when sealant failed. Also, great job at USAT off-road nats.

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