Good Days & Bad

So you think you’re alone out there in triathlete land?  True: many triathletes do train alone.  However, you’re never really alone.  Even though you may be training on your bike alone, or on a lonely run, or in your swim lane alone (don’t we wish), there are others out there, like us, that feel your joys and frustrations.

The joys come on those days where your workout seems so right.  You’re feeling good, strong, smooth and efficient.  You’re energy level is high and you feel like you could swim, bike or run forever.  Things seem to just fall right into place and, for once, you feel invincible. 

The frustrations come on the days when you feel weak.  Those are the days that even though you seem to try so hard and the body just doesn’t do what you want it to.  No matter how hard you try, your legs just burn like crazy.  With each pedal stroke, your heart feels as if it is going to jump from your chest in alien fashion.  With each stride, your knees almost collapse.  You feel awkward, out of sorts and you begin to wonder why you got yourself into this to begin with.

Yesterday, for me, ended up being both, all on the same day.  In the morning, I had one of the best swims I’ve had in a long time.  My form felt good and my stroke strong.  As I glided through the water, a smirk formed on my face as I thoroughly enjoyed the swim.  At the end of the swim, and as I completed my cool down, I was yearning to do more.  Alas, work beckoned. I had to pull a Clark Kent and head into the office to make the bacon.

Then, after work, during my trainer session, the PowerBeam Pro kicked my.. uh… you know.  Beforehand, I was very motivated and looking forward to the workout, but for some reason, once I started, I just didn’t have it in me.  With each tough interval, I would get more and more frustrated.  By the time the workout finished, I felt down-right defeated.  Could it be nutritional?  Was it not enough rest last night?  Did I overdo the kicking on this morning’s swim?  Who knows?  Those are the questions we’re all trying to figure out to find that magic formula.

Even though I didn’t have the greatest trainer session last night, I still know that it was better than letting the couch beckon me to sit and watch television.  Trust me, after a hard day at work, it can sometimes be a bit more appealing than an hour or two on the trainer.

Today I had another great swim in the morning and a tough, yet rewarding bike workout. As I started both workouts, I didn’t let the previous day’s frustration bog me down.

So moral of the story is: don’t let the bad days get you down.  There’ll be a good day that will come along to balance it out.

Be a Warrior.