Weekend Ride & Run

I was going through the pics on my cell phone, doing a little general clean up, and I COMPLETLY forgot about these.  I even told Andrew when I was taking them that I HAD to blog about them.

Anyhow, on Saturday, we went for a multi-hour mountain bike ride on the Springs trails followed by a half-hour trail run.  When we were planning the ride on Friday, we were really were hoping to get the ride and run under our belt before the weather turned nasty.  If memory recalls, I think it was a 75% chance of thunderstorms.

So on Saturday, with a usual “Marcus forgets something important” delay right before the ride (thanks Alba for bringing me my bike shoes), we were off in an effort to beat the rain.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, but we knew it wasn’t going to last.

Long story short, we completed our planned ride and run.  However, just as we came out of the woods, it began to rain.  By the time we made it back to our vehicles, it was coming down pretty good.  Since we were soaked already (with sweat), we didn’t even bother rushing to get out of the rain.  It cooled us down and felt pretty good just to stand around for a while.  Ride, run, and a free shower.  What else could you ask for?

PIC-0097 PIC-0098 PIC-0099