Goodies from Germany

My good and long-time friends, Ian and Cynthia Horseman sent us some goodies from Germany.  We went through Technical School together when I was in the Air Force and subsequently stationed together while in Panama (during the whole ousting of Noriega thing). 

Alba and I were good friends with Ian when he met Cynthia who lived in Panama.  They later married and shipped off to Germany where he’s been stationed ever since.  Hard to believe that was 18 years ago.  Wow..  I’m showing my age.

Anyhow, it was a surprise to see the package come in the mail.  We saved for opening on Christmas.  Alba opened it up and we both gasped at the BEAUTIFUL tin that emerged.  Even better, it’s chock full of German cookies.  The Schokolade Lebkuchen (Chocolate Gingerbread) from Schuhmann are my favorites.  Now only to exercise some portion control.  ;-)

Thank you so much Ian and Cynthia for the most wonderful gift and many, many wonderful memories.  Merry Christmas!