Will the race be moved, canceled or modified?

Well the weather doesn’t look to be cooperating with the race that’s scheduled for tomorrow.  We’ve had on-and-off rain for the past couple of days and there’s a 50% chance of rain today.

This causes for a sloppy trail.  With XTERRA races, the race would be held rain or shine.  However, this is not an XTERRA sanctioned race, so there are other factors involved.  Since it’s the first off-road triathlon ever to be held at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, who knows what will happen.  The folks out at USNWC have closed the trails and canceled races before to keep the trails from getting damaged, so it may happen again.  Here’s the options of what I think will happen:

Option 1.  No rain today, trails open, and race happens has planned (I really hope for this one)

Option 2.  Trails are closed, race is canceled.  Big bummer.

Option 3.  Trails are closed, race directors decide to make us ride "nearby" (as they put it).  Not quite sure what that means.  Loops around the gravel road outlining the Whitewater Center?  Boy, that wouldn’t be much fun.

Option 4.  (See option 3) and instead of the gravel road, they make us ride/run on asphalt.  An off-road tri rode and ran on asphalt.   Hmmm.  Is that an off-road tri then?