XTERRA Panther Creek

Short, quick race report (lengthy one on the way).
Decent 800 Meter Swim.  2 mins slower than I had wanted, but running aground on the back stretch messed with my mojo.
Super smooth transition onto the bike
Back tire went flat at about mile 3 of the 16.6 mile mountain bike.  That was extremely frustrating.  About 8 people passed me, but they all offered their assistance.  After the flat, I rode as fast and as hard as I could to catch back up.  So much so I crashed 4 times.  I ended up catching just about everyone that passed me.
Transition from bike to run didn’t go quite as smooth, as I had to shed the flat tube that I had wrapped around my neck.  It threw my routine off.  Amazing how one small thing like that can get you in a tizzy.
I caught the remainder that passed me during my flat on the run leg, and then some.  However, I still couldn’t completely make up for the flat.  Guess I couldn’t pull it off like Conrad did in Alabama.  :-)
Finished 5th in my division and 15th overall.  Not bad for having a flat tire in during the race.
To make up for it all, I won a free XTERRA wetsuit in the post-race activities.
The course was awesome, very well taken care of and marked well.  Only once did I question my whereabouts (running along the soccer fields could have used a couple of arrows on the ground or something).
BIG congrats goes out to Scott Mills for not only winning my division, but the overall winner of the race as well!