1st Place in My Age Division

Race Name: Xterra Uwaharrie Offroad Triathlon
Location: Uwharrie National Forrest, Troy, NC
Distances: 1000 Meter Swim, 24K Mountain Bike, 10K Trail Run
I raced in the Xterra Uhwarrie (open class) offroad triathlon today.  It was a grueling race with some serious climbs, rocky throughout, boulders, mud, you name it…  By the time I transitioned into the run, both quads, hams and glutes were cramping.  I ran thinking that eventually they’d ease up, but they never did.  I ran a slooooow 9:05 pace.
I didn’t have any major spills or issues on the bike, but fell 4 times on the run.  I just couldn’t seem to keep my feet picked up since they were cramping.
I finished 1st in my age division and 17th overall. My finish time was 3 hours, 8 minutes and some change (first place finished at 2:38.
Special thanks goes out to Jeremy Jenks for being my running partner for 98% of the run.  I was a hurting camper and your companionship got me through it.
IMG_1230     IMG_1233    


  1. Marcus,
    congratulations on your placing 1st in your division! and you had enough in reserve to blog it!
     I haven\’t been keeping up with your doings…but tell me, how far the run, how far the bike and tri? what was the third event.
    hugs for the job well done!

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