Little figure 8 tumble

So I took a little spill last night during my regular Tuesday night run with the SharksBite group (

We were on about mile 5 when we went thru a section of small rolling hills (I like to call them humpty humps).  Nothing fancy, but in the near darkness, my foot caught a root and I went down.  I’m sure as my buddy Tim turned around to hear what all the funny noises were about, he saw a pretty funny sight (me rolling around on the ground).

A simple scraped elbow, scrapped glute and a busted ego was all that was damaged.  I’d have to say that this was my first “major spill” while running on the trail.  Plenty of stumbles, but nothing like rolling around in the dirt.

One comment

  1. I know this sucks.  Sometimes I wish I would get hurt when I fall.  That way it looks like it was much worse than just a bonehead move tripping over a root.  But, nice of you to join the club.  You have been with me when I fall.  Wish i could have been there for you. Sure, I would have been concerned at first.  But after finding you were OK, the jokes would have flowed feely.
    The big question is, "Did you hurt your ankle when falling?"

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