Well, on the side, I like to photoshot racing events (biking, running, etc).  How ironic that I start thinking about getting involved in a few competitive races, that Men’s Health magazine throws out a bunch of articles on doing just that.
Here’s a snippet:
"Watching a distance race can be irritating and inspiring! Fit guys and hot women, all moving too fast and looking a bit too self-satisfied. And yeah, you’d like to be out there with them. That’s the inspiring part.
But maybe you’ve got a gut. Or you’re out of shape, or you’ve never run that far in your life. Listen: Those aren’t reasons you can’t run a race. Those are reasons you should."


  1. Great job on your progress so far.  As for the calories…  you\’re best bet is to talk to a nutritionist.  Personally, I think 1200 is a little low…  especially if you are strength training.  Once again, talk to a nutritionist that can give you an idea of what is right for you.
    As for the strength training, my workout partner (my wife) and I usually spend about an hour or so in the gym.  When I train alonw (as I do when I travel), I average about 45 minutes or so.
    4 pounds a week is an agressive, but healthy goal.   Don\’t get discouraged if some of your weeks, you don\’t lose that much.  Just keep up the good work.

  2. Hey this blog is the best.. well i will start to say that i weight 310 pounds in the i weight 6\’1.. I lost all that weight really 2-3months..i will im starting to read more about it and notice is better slow..cause now im kind of flabby..i made the decision and got into a gym.. now im in a HEALTHY lose the rest of my weight..and will like to do it the right way…i will start to lift weight .. my diet consist of approx. 1200 calories a you think thats right? and i will do cardio everyday but weight lifting only 3 days as you do.. on the days of lifting i will do only 20min and the others 40min.. i do the Elliptical machine..also..if i lose 4 pounds a week is this unhealthy? cause i read 2-4 is good on one of your post..well i hope you answer me..and keep up with the good work on this blog!

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