What did you have at Starbucks?

So we were waiting in line at the Starbucks at work and we started a conversation about the contents of some of the Starbucks drinks.
Not too many people know that everytime they visit the Starbucks counter, they could be sabotaging their weight loss goals.
What you choose at the counter could "make you or break you" when it comes to smart eating (or drinking in this case).
With summer heat approaching, more and more people are opting for the cold drinks rather than the hot traditional coffee.  This is a HUGE mistake.
According to the employee behind the counter at my local Starbucks, the two most popular drinks are the Strawberries and Crème with the Vanilla Bean and the Tazo Chai Crème drinks coming in close seconds.  To further add insult to injury, she says most folks order a Venti.  For those of you that are Starbucks-Challenged, that’s the big one.
Here’s a couple of facts:
Strawberries and Crème:
Calories – 770
Sat Fat – 10g
Cholesterol – 55
Sugars – 122g
Vanilla Bean:
Calories – 630
Sat Fat – 10g
Cholesterol – 55
Sugars – 84g
Tazo Chai Crème:
Calories – 640
Sat Fat – 10g
Cholesterol – 55
Sugars – 86g
As compared to:
McDonalds Big Mac:
Calories – 560
Sat fat – 10
Cholesterol – 80
Sugars – 8
Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
Calories – 730
Sat fat – 19
Cholesterol – 160
Sugars – 9
So two of these drinks have more calories and saturated fat than a McDonald’s Big Mac.  The favorite, Strawberries and Crème has more calories than a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.  If you already know that McDonalds can sabotage your diet, you now know some of these drinks are WORSE.
So you think you’re safe with your Cafe Latte or Cappuccino?  Think again.  Be very careful about the use of the word "breve".  This is another word for cream, or in the case of Starbucks, half and half.
For example:
Cafe Latte made with Nonfat Milk
Calories – 160
Saturated Fat – 0
Cafe Latte made with Whole Milk
Calories – 260
Saturated Fat – 55
Cafe Latte made with Half and Half (Breve)
Calories – 550
Saturated Fat – 150
You jump 390 calories and cholesterol jumps to 150 just by selecting breve instead of non-fat milk.
What do I choose?  A grande Americano which equals 15 calories and zero on everything else.